The Very Best Money-Saving Bargains For Boomers

Turning 50 can be scary… besides becoming increasingly worried about your impending empty nest, the uphill battle to defy the effects of gravity, and getting called “ma’am” by just about everybody, you also start dreading mail deliveries and the arrival of your AARP senior discount card which, in your mind, means you’re officially “old.” Ick. But don’t toss that card and your newly-minted “senior” status out just yet. Yep, turns out, if you can just get over the unsexiness of the “senior discount,” there are actually plenty of reasons to get stoked about the milestone. Here are a few of the best:

Hopefully, with your kids leaving home soon and your other responsibilities winding down, you’ll have gobs more free time to take those dream trips on your bucket list.

No doubt, for many drivers, a major money suck is costly insurance rates — as well as maintenance costs — that seem to keep going up and up each year.

Whether you’re buying a little something for yourself or treating your kids or grandkids, any money saved on clothes, accessories, and other everyday items adds up quick.

We love our little ones, but let’s face it: entertaining kids can get pricey when a regular old board game or day at the park just won’t do.

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