Baby Boomers Can Turn Photo Hobby into Extra Cash with Scoopshot

The first Scoopshot soccer global task, “Show us your favorite soccer team jersey!”, was pushed to users on June 12. Hundreds of Scoopshooters posted photos of themselves, friends and fans sporting jerseys at home and at the games. Future tasks include “In a 15 second video show us your soccer fancy footwork,” and “Photos of dogs in soccer attire!”

In addition to global tasks, Scoopshot will also create tasks for specific rivalries and countries. Scoopshooters will receive push notifications on their smartphones as new tasks become available. Scoopshooters can earn from $5 to $25 U.S. depending on the task assignment.

Scoopshot has a track record of generating thousands of creative photos and videos. From a Finnish parachutist holding a beer above the Earth to cars hanging from giant cloth pins, Scoopshooters capture remarkable images and often get paid for their ingenuity.

Scoopshot will issue the 18 tasks between June 12 and July 30. More than 100 Scoopshooters will earn cash for photos and videos that best capture the soccer spirit. Photos and videos that earn cash will be featured on the Scoopshot Facebook page and on Twitter: @scoopshot #WorldCup2014

About Scoopshot
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