Navigate Boomer Media Rep Firm for Best Boomer Towns

SANTA MONICA, Calif, September 8, 2009 – Online media rep firm Navigate Boomer Media has signed an exclusive agreement with Boomer AuthorityTM to provide representation to over 250 rich content websites, blogs, and social networking communities targeted at the baby boomer generation. Advertisers and marketers will now have one source to reach over 2 million unique baby boomer visitors from original content publishers.

Boomer AuthorityTM is the leading professional networking community for experts and organizations that specialize in the 50+ baby boomer demographic. Expert websites and individuals such as, BestBoomer,, and are members of Boomer AuthorityTM

“With so many distinguished Baby Boomer oriented publishers actively participating in Boomer AuthorityTM, we have been searching for representation that could bring more added value than a generic rep firm.” said Martin Diano of Boomer AuthorityTM. “Navigate Boomer Media’s exclusive focus on original content publishers for the Baby Boomer generation and their deep knowledge of the market made them a perfect fit.”

“We’re excited about the opportunity to represent Boomer AuthorityTM. They bring one of the largest networks of high quality original content publishers under our representation. We look forward to bringing targeted advertisers and generating high revenue for Boomer AuthorityTM,” said Nancy Shonka Padberg, CEO of Navigate Boomer Media. “Ultimately, advertisers will be able to see greater ROI due to the high quality, original content of our publishers, visit ( for details.”

Boomers control more than half of all discretionary income in the U.S. alone and spend $2 trillion annually. According to data analyzed by Pew for The Associated Press:

• About 66% of online Boomers have looked up health information online.
• Half of online Boomers have used the Internet for financial information.

With marketers and advertisers eager to understand and promote their products and services online to the Boomer audience, Navigate Boomer Media provides exclusive access.

About Navigate Boomer Media
Navigate Boomer Media, LLC (, based in Santa Monica, California, is the largest U.S. Baby Boomer online media rep firm for original rich content publishers of websites, blogs, social networking communities, and streaming radio. Navigate Boomer Media also provides online research services to advertisers and marketers from its broad pool of active baby boomers.